About Us

Our History and Mission

Celebrating over 15 years as an organization, The Downtown Vegas Alliance is a member-driven nonprofit 501(c)6, founded in 2008 by business leaders and property owners who wanted to drive economic development in the downtown area. These leaders had the vision to bring together stakeholders who were passionate about the community and could cultivate change and put it into action. The result has been a successful revitalization of the downtown Las Vegas area where businesses of all sizes can make their mark and thrive.

Today, our ongoing mission is to connect our members and downtown stakeholders to influence the vision of Downtown Las Vegas, and the growth in the heart of our city, through thought leadership and collaboration. We inspire public/private dialogue to address challenges and create inventive solutions that will help us become the leading model for modern downtowns across the U.S.

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Downtown Vegas Visionaries

As business leaders in the heart of a city with boundless vision, we’re responsible for leading the way and making sure Downtown Vegas is thinking ahead, pushing forward, and on the cutting edge.

Relationships Rule

Our deep connections, collaborative spirit, and communicative nature lead to our collective strength as the leading business voice downtown. That’s why we passionately nurture and cultivate relationships with the city, between our members, and with the community.

We Are The Champions

No one is more down for downtown than the DVA. We bring people in and get the word out. We advocate to create business momentum, and our promotion makes motion toward the future possible.

Focus Focus Focus

In a downtown with sparkling lights and world-famous attractions, it’s easy to be distracted, but we’re resolved in our core focus–making Downtown Vegas better for business.

Set on Solutions

To take care of business in Downtown Vegas and reach our vision for tomorrow, we have to be resourceful problem solvers today. We have real issues facing us, our membership, and our downtown community on a continual basis, so we have to be steadfast and resolute in our pursuit of results. We’re not just set on solutions, we’re dead set.