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The Downtown Alliance is a member-driven nonprofit 501(c)6, devoted to creating an attractive, vibrant, diverse and sustainable Downtown Las Vegas. On behalf of our members, we:

· Serve as a voice for downtown, promoting its continued growth and advocating for improvements
· Host an array of small and large events that engage stakeholders and bring members together to strengthen downtown
· Lead initiatives and support others to make downtown a great place to live, work and play

Dowwntown.Vegas Alliance

Why Join?

The Downtown Vegas Alliance (DVA) is a nonprofit organization that connects its more than 70 downtown business members and downtown stakeholders to influence growth in the heart of Las Vegas. Through the leadership of our executive director and the power of our membership, we leverage relationships to help large and small businesses grow, solve problems and connect.

For more information on joining the Downtown Vegas Alliance, please contact Executive Director, Shahn Douglas at

  • The power of the collective voice. Our executive director, Shahn Douglas, meets with city leadership and elected officials on a regular basis. If members are having issues or want something raised with city hall, they may call upon the DVA for help and support. Representing more than 70 downtown businesses offers the influence to open doors that may not otherwise be available to single operators.
  • Showcase your business – to other members, to the public, and to the media. The DVA offers ample opportunities, more at the Steering and Voting membership levels, to host/present at events, and in-person meetings. The DVA showcases members on its social media channels, website, and eblasts to its database. Have an event, promotion, or announcement? DVA can help you get the word out.
  • The DVA is the go-to expert on all things downtown Las Vegas. Media regularly calls the DVA looking for comments and/or connections to DVA members for media stories. The DVA regularly facilitates media interviews for our members. In addition, the DVA connects members with leaders/executives/elected officials when asked for business insights.
  • Stay up to date on all things DTLV. The DVA sends members regular updates on transportation, road closures, citywide initiatives, DTLV events, happenings, and news. The weekly, curated News of Note media story round-up is distributed to members every Friday.
  • Geographically specific membership. With membership strategically confined to interests in downtown Las Vegas, we are focused to a depth not possible with regional business organizations and are able to concentrate on collective progress rather than competing interests.

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By being a member of the Downtown Vegas Alliance, you amplify the voice of businesses in the heart of our city.

Complete our membership application or email us today to become a member.

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